Indoor Cycling

We provide the South Shore of Boston a boutique indoor cycling studio with dim lights, great music, and the best coaches! Our non-intimidating atmosphere makes your workout feel more like a party on the bike! > See our Schedule

  • 50-minute sessions set to coach-selected playlists
  • Blend of rhythm-based jogs, sprints, climbs and at times upper body movement.  
  • Build strength, burn calories, increase endurance, tone muscles, and get you fitter faster.  Suited for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts, and will prove to be an exciting and invigorating experience for anyone.

We ride Keiser M3+ indoor bikes that give you the opportunity to measure metrics during your workout as well as provide a much more comfortable ride. Athletic shoes can be strapped into the bike's pedals, or bring your cycle shoes (SPD Cleats) and clip in.

What to bring?

  • Backside: We recommend padded cycling shorts. They are not required but will make your class experience much more enjoyable.
  • Topside: T-shirts, camis or tank tops are good choices.
  • Waterbottle (filled with your favorite hydration drink)
  • SPD clip shoes or standard athletic shoes. The flatter and harder/stiffer the sole, the better.
  • Heart rate monitor. (optional)
  • Once you get going and start sweating off those calories, you’ll need a hand towel…we have plenty of towels available, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.
  • Our FAQ explains what you need to know to get started.

Get ready to go fast!

We Offer 3 Primary Class Types: PULSE | ENERGY | POWER


Cardio Party on the Bike!

Get addicted to this pulse-pounding party on a bike. Use the beat as your guide to stay motivated during these music-driven classes. Experience energizing, calorie-burning cardio with the hottest music. Ride to the rhythm and feel the beat! These signature rides are fun, high-intensity and low-impact cardio parties!


Indoor Cycle Classes

Energize. Inspire. Get Results.

We are going amp you up with ENERGY! These classes include a combination of high-intensity intervals and endurance elements lead by our dynamic indoor cycling coaches. These are purposeful, focused workouts set to the rhythms of carefully chosen high-octane music. ENERGY is designed to inspire and energize you to reach better fitness faster.

These classes are suited for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts, and will prove to be an exciting and invigorating experience allowing you to focus on any of your individual fitness goals.


Turn Up the Watts! Get stronger!

Are you ready for some hardcore indoor cycling?! Well we'll motivate you to ride hard and push your power to the maximum. Bump up your Watts! Crank up the RPM's! Turn up the Power - and get ready to take your workout to the next level!

While classes may vary in overall intensity based on a coach's style, we coach riders to adapt each session to their own personal fitness level and goals. Be comfortable - but push yourself every chance you can!! You can go further!!

See our Schedule

Indoor Cycle and TRX-Strength Pricing
  • Unlimited
  • $99/mo
  • Monthly
  • Auto-renew
  • FREE Playroom
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  • 12 Classes
  • $89/mo
  • Monthly
  • Auto-renew
  • FREE Playroom
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  • 8 Classes
  • $69/mo
  • Monthly
  • Auto-renew
  • FREE Playroom
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Computrainer Performance Cycling
  • Unlimited
  • $139/mo
  • Auto-renew
  • Comes with TRX!
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