Lisa and Paul Pacino


In June of 2014, I started cycling for health reasons. Sure I rode a bike as a kid and mountain biked in my early 20’s but knew nothing about road biking. For 5 months I rode with various groups and picked up the basics of cycling, but I routinely struggled to stay with the group. In the fall I convinced my husband to join me, as I was frustrated with my lack of progress. A friend recommended CycleLife Studio. We started the winter training program at the beginning of November. We went into this training at first thinking it was a lot like spinning classes, but boy we were so wrong.

Using a CompuTrainer program with Mike Moraites, a certified USA Cycling Coach, was a whole new experience.  We found there are so many different FTP based programs that can be tailored to your individual experience level, abilities and goals. Throughout this training Mike taught us (both in the studio and out riding together) how to ride more efficiently, how to utilize power correctly and better monitor our heart rate, along with so much more. You could see how passionate Mike is about cycling, but more importantly how much he enjoys coaching others to improve their ability. Six months at CycleLife was the best cycling training anyone could ask for. Not only did we raise our FTP but we also came out stronger and more educated cyclists. Although Mike says, “You did all the work,” he was always there at 5AM to motivate us and push us to our limits.

We couldn’t wait to take our training outside in the spring, as our biggest goal for 1-year riders was the B2VT.  134 miles, with over 8,400 ft. of elevation gain. With all the training, we conquered it no problem and felt great at the end. We trained hard at CycleLife and it paid off. We are faster and stronger riders because of CycleLife and the personal training we received from Mike.

We have many more rides to cross off our list this year, Mt. Greylock (100 miles and over 10, 000 ft. of elevation), The Climb to the Clouds, The Flattest Century and The Mayor Taylor. We look forward to returning to another “Spicy” (Mike’s favorite word) winter training session at CycleLife Studio. We can’t thank Mike enough for helping us become better cyclists and achieving our goals! 

Megan Ayers

Meghan TRX Full Size

Let me preface this by saying thank you. Thank you for opening Cycle Life Studio for I have not only gained physical strength and stamina, but I have also met some of the most amazing people who I now have as life-long friends. 

Exercising has always been an important part of my life being a gymnast and competitive cheerleader. As I went through my twenties and now my thirties, my body started slowing down, and I almost forgot how to work out. Since I walked through the doors at CycleLife Studio back in January 2014, my life changed. Initially, I was only doing indoor cycle classes (which I absolutely LOVE!). The cycle instructors at CycleLife are spectacular! Every instructor has their own style of teaching which makes them so special. There is a class style for every person at any age. After a couple of months of cycling at CycleLife I decided to attempt a TRX class. TRX has been life changing for me physically. The instructors who teach TRX are just amazing. They teach the significance of correct form and safety which is so incredibly important. Going to a TRX class is similar to a personal training session due to the small class size. Every person receives the personal attention that they need to perfect their form and improve their strength. Physically I am stronger now than I ever have been and I owe it all to the instructors at CycleLife Studio! My training has motivated me to improve my diet as well which in turn improved my overall health and well-being. My advice to anyone who is looking for a change, try an indoor cycle class or a TRX class. The combination of cardio and strength training will get you to where you would like to be because you will gain lean muscle. You might even meet a new best friend (or a few!).

Melissa Letendre

I met Mike back in the fall of 2013. The studio was just being built at the time and I had just wrapped up my 3rd season of racing triathlons and a little road racing. I was convinced that I had already peaked. There are a few races that I do every year so I can tell if I am improving. One cool thing I have done since 2011 is a weekly time trial. It’s a 12 mile race on the same course with no drafting allowed. In the beginning I would knock 10 seconds off my time just about every week until July 2012. In July 2012, I got my last personal best that I would get for a very long time. I just could not ride any faster no matter how hard I pushed. At the end of 2012 I decided I needed a coach, so I signed up for a plan. It was expensive and required a lot of time, so when 2013 rolled around and I was actually slower, I was beyond frustrated. I did that time trial 9 times in 2013 and never came close to my personal record from 2012. I ditched the coaching plan and decided this was supposed to be fun. I wasn’t really sure if I would race at all anymore. That’s when I met Mike. He told me all about his computrainer workouts. He said I was just the kind of person he wanted to meet so he could prove how well his workouts work. I wasn’t really buying it at this point given my prior experience with coaching. I was planning on riding outdoors through the winter but it snowed so much that it was either my living room or CycleLife, so that’s how I ended up at CycleLife. I really liked it. The workouts were very hard and it became a social thing seeing everyone there week after week. When the spring rolled around I was afraid to do the time trial again. I hadn’t even ridden my time trial bike since September, but I finally got out there. I couldn’t believe it. The 1st race of the season never really goes well for me – I usually need a few to warm up. But at that first race, I actually got that personal best I had been trying to hit for almost 2 years. I came back a couple weeks later and was even faster. This season I did that time trial 6 times and 4 of them were progressively new personal bests, all better than my last one in 2012. So yes, Mike did make me faster. I am now a true believer!

Lauren Roche

Lauren Roche Riding makes me happy! As an extremely busy wife, toddler mom, and elementary school teacher, I cannot believe that I actually find myself looking forward to my cardio workouts at night. Indoor cycling is upbeat and FUN!

Thanks to CycleLife’s motivating, enthusiastic instructors (especially Marko and Kate), awesome, cranking tunes pumping during class, and clean, state-of-the-art bikes, my sixty minute workouts fly by! The lighting is incredible! I always enjoy the ride!

Besides weight loss, I have experienced increased energy levels, better sleep, and relief from daily stresses. After I had our baby, my focus became her. I missed exercise. I craved it. I didn’t feel like myself. I wished that I could find time during the day for me again. In March, I stopped wishing and I just did it! From the moment I walked into CycleLife everyone (especially Mike + Hunter) made me feel welcome and comfortable. 

Thank you CycleLife Studio! You brought me back to life! – Lauren Roche, East Bridgewater, MA

Joe Rich

Joe Rich

My year at CycleLife has produced a lot of learning experiences, coaching strategies and, ultimately, success. I had never trained with Power seriously before (I experimented with a Power Meter Wheel previously). Training with Mike at CycleLife and going through the Winter Training Series was a total success. I was able to improve my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) over the course of the year (260 watts in March 2013, 315 watts in March 2014), and find the same improvement in my racing. Even when my training was suffering over the summer, I was able to produce top results because of the base I built at Cycle Life. I was able to get a 35 minute personal best (4:34:39) for the 70.3 distance at the Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival, and a week later, won my first triathlon at Buzzard’s Bay. With some more training in the pool, in my running shoes, and inside at CycleLife (and hopefully some outdoor rides…) I hope to compete well at the USAT National Championship in August. Regardless of success or not, CompuTrainer workouts at CycleLife are the real deal. Because you'd never do this at home. - Joe Rich

Dianne Johnson

I'm not a success story. I'm a work in progress. I'm a 47 year old, out of shape, mom of 2 teenagers. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I have no time for me and no energy for exercise. I'm a mess. That's how 2013 ended with a routine Dr's appointment to top it all off. My cholesterol has always teetered around 200 but in December it spiked to 270. I now have to take meds. Ughhh. Fear of an early stroke drove me to do something about it. That's when I went to CycleLife Studio.

I took a free class with Nancy Reynolds. She's incredibly enthusiastic and
made this torturous hour bearable. No joke, this is hard for me. I was
THAT out of shape. I hated the first 3 classes. But I was feeling a little
stronger! And I kept going. An hour class twice a week makes a lot of
difference, especially in my attitude towards food. I eat better because I just endured a tough class. I'm not going to mess that up! The bike monitor shows how many calories you are burning. 4 months later I have a follow-up Dr's appointment. I know I've lost 10 lbs. I actually WANT to get on the scale for the nurse! YUP! 10 lbs! The Dr. is very pleased. Blood work comes back and my cholesterol is now 160!! I asked if they have the right patient. I'm SO happy and very proud of myself.

But I'm not done. You can't be done with good health. It's a lifestyle change. I'm looking forward to a longer life... and a new fall wardrobe. I hope to lose another 10-15 lbs by then. I'll let you know how it goes.  Thank you Mike!! - Dianne Johnson, Whitman, MA

Scott Byron

Scott Byron

Thanks for hosting the indoor time trial today, it was a good one! I want to share some of my results when I compare today to the first time trial 29 days ago.

I gained 1.5 mph, over a longer distance and time, max HR dropped by 5 bps, yet average HR stayed the same.  Most importantly I felt much better in the end! The other subjective note I would add is that I felt great going into the first one, whereas, for this one I knew I was off when I walked in the door, yet I still did better!

I figured I would just share, the Winter Training Series is WORKING!! I was skeptical at first, but now I have the data to back up the training. Without the hard data, if someone asked me I would have said "I felt a little better, so I guess it's working....". But now there is no disputing it, and for me those are big gains. I'm excited to see where we can take it from here. - Scott Byron, Hanson, MA

Rob Campbell

Just wanted to let you know how Battenkill went for me. Race and conditions were really tough. Ended up 47th but accomplished my goal of surviving. I'm way ahead of last year thanks to training with you on CompuTrainer. Think I just needed more miles on the road and more work above threshold to stay in on the climbs. Thanks for your encouragement, I really enjoyed going to the studio. I'll be back!  - Rob Campbell, Duxbury, MA


"I wanted to drop you a note to state how excited I am that you opened your studio. The approach to your training allows one to train very specifically and effectively. I can already see how I'm becoming stronger on the bike. I appreciate the motivation and energy you coach with. Your classes are a lot of fun, give me a great sense of accomplishment and spur camaraderie. Just wanted to drop you a note to say I am looking forward to the next training sessions and not only during the off-season."  - Anonymous

Karen Muehl

Mike loves to ride bikes and his enthusiasm for the sport is contagious! He took me under his wing when I had been riding for only 4 months and I was struggling to stay hydrated and keep up with group rides. I had my sights set on completing a hilly 50-mile training ride that had gotten the best of me on my first attempt (Assault on Morrow Mountain). Mike was excited to help me reach this goal, and his confidence in me helped me feel more confident in myself. After learning more about me and my fitness level and strengths and weaknesses, Mike provided me with a training schedule and explained basic concepts about how and why the plan would help me improve. Understanding the rationale behind the plan made it easier for me to follow his guidance. Mike took me on rides and helped me work on my position on the bike, cadence, balance, drafting, and basic rules of the road.  Under his watchful eye and his mantra to "Drink, drink, drink!" I stayed fueled and no longer bonked on every ride. I started to get stronger and was able to hang-on in groups. After a couple of months I was ready when the day came to tackle that 50-mile ride again, and this time it was me who put the Assault on Morrow Mountain!  

My training continued from there, and 8 months later I completed my first 100-mile century ride in a time of 5 hrs. 10 minutes. I also joined a team and started racing at the women's cat 4 (beginner) level. Mike has been one of my biggest champions as I have grown in this sport. When I do what he tells me to do, I just keep getting better on the bike. We have logged a lot of hours together on the bike and I have come to trust him like a brother. If you are like me, an average athlete who wants to go fast, have fun, and push yourself, Mike will help you become a stronger a cyclist and develop an enduring passion for cycling. I have seen other new cyclists go overboard and then burn-out, but Mike helped me find the right balance between riding competitively and staying involved with the other important aspects of my life. He is a great model for this, and he imparts his wisdom with humility and genuine respect for the rider and the sport. Anyone who is lucky enough to be coached by Mike will be in great hands!  – Karen Muehl, Charlotte, NC.

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