Our Playroom!

About Our Playroom

Filled with toys, books and caring babysitters, our Playroom is open to children ages six weeks through ten years old. The Playroom is our care center where parents can drop off children while at a cycling or strength class with us.

Clients of our auto-renew memberships get the playroom service for FREE.  All others are $2 per visit.  The playroom can be scheduled on our calendar along with your training session!

Playroom - Details & Terms

  1. The Playroom is available to children 6 weeks through 10 years of age.
  2. Children are required to stay in playroom area except as needed to use the bathroom. They will be escorted during bathroom visits.
  3. Only parents/guardians will be able to drop-off and pick-up children. 
  4. Parents/guardians are not allowed to leave the premises while using this service.
  5. Parents/guardians MUST sign in and write their on-site location.
  6. The Playroom is a “Water Only” area. Food/drinks are NOT allowed, with the exception of water.
  7. Please bring infants in their infant seats and label all items, including pacifiers, toys, seats, etc., with child’s name.
  8. Parents/guardians are responsible for the toileting/diapering of their children. Please come to the Playroom promptly if called.
  9. To ensure that child/staff ratio remains in safe limits, we may limit the number of children participating in the Playroom.
  10. Parents/guardians will be contacted if their child has been crying or has been visibly upset for 15 minutes.
  11. The Playroom is an inclusive area. We will work with parents/guardians to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made, while ensuring the well-being of all participants.
  12. Inappropriate or aggressive behavior will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The Playroom is a “Well-Child” area. Any child not appearing to be healthy, will not be allowed to participate. A doctor’s note may be required for admittance.

Computrainer Performance Cycling

  • 1 Class
  • $21
  • $21/class
  • No Expiration!
  • 10 Classes
  • $194
  • $19.40/class
  • No Expiration!
  • 20 Classes
  • $334
  • $16.70/class
  • No Expiration!
  • Unlimited
  • $149/mo
  • Less Than $10.00/class!
  • Auto-renew
  • Comes with TRX!
  • 12 Classes/mo
  • $134/mo
  • $11.17/class
  • Auto-renew
  • 8 Classes/mo
  • $99/mo
  • $12.38/class
  • Auto-renew

Indoor Cycle, BARRE, Yoga & TRX-Strength Pricing

  • 1 Class
  • $18
  • $18/class
  • No Expiration!
  • 10 Classes
  • $164
  • $16.40/class
  • No Expiration!
  • 20 Classes
  • $282
  • $14.10/class
  • No Expiration!
  • Unlimited
  • $115/mo
  • Less Than $8.00/class
  • Auto-renew
  • 12 Classes
  • $107/mo
  • $8.92/class
  • Auto-renew
  • 8 Classes
  • $79/mo
  • $9.88/class
  • Auto-renew
Personal Training
  • 4 Sessions/mo
  • $208/mo
  • $52/session
  • Auto-renew
  • Get started
  • Doubles Session
  • $39
  • $39/session
  • 1 Hour Session With One Other Person!
  • Get started
  • Triples Session
  • $34
  • $34/session
  • 1 Hour Session With Two Other People!
  • Get started

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