General FAQ

How do I get started?

  • Sign up to create an account.
  • Buy rides, class credits, or ride series.  Choose from a range of packages to fit your specific needs.
  • Check out our schedule and ride offerings.
  • Reserve a class at a time that works for you.
  • Go to class and HAVE FUN!

How do I sign up for a ride or a class?

Click on the Schedule link and choose a class time.  If a class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist. If a bike or CompuTrainer opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email.

How far in advance do I have to cancel a class to avoid penalty?

Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.

What happens if I fail to show up for a class I've reserved?

see our Policies FAQ below

How will I know if I have gotten into a class from a wait list?

As soon as a bike or CompuTrainer has opened up for you, you will be automatically notified by email.  If you change your mind and do not plan to attend class, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid penalty.  Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.

What happens when I get to the studio?

Arrive early to your first ride or class and let us know it's your first visit. A Cycleife Studio staff member give you an orientation to get you ready, set you up with a good fit on your bike, and answer any questions you may have. 

How often do I need to take classes or ride to see results?

We recommend 3 rides or classes per week. You will see results with one or two rides or classes a week, but you'll see and feel maximum results if you can ride three times.

How do I know if I'm improving?

Oh, you’ll know. Our coaches and instructors will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

Are Indoor Cycle and CompuTrainer credits interchangeable?

No. You have to purchase separate credits for Indoor Cycling rides and CompuTrainer rides.

Do my credits expire?

No! Our Policies FAQ explains what you need to know.

Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend?

Yes! Just ask about it in the studio. You can purchase rides or classes, as well as specific dollar amounts as gifts.

Can I give some of my credits to a friend?

No. Credits are not transferrable. Our Policies FAQ explains what you need to know.

Can I take a class if I am pregnant?

Please consult your physician ahead of time. Under normal, healthy pregnancy conditions, exercise is safe and recommended for healthy mommies and babies.

What should I wear or bring to a CycleLife indoor cycling or CompuTraining class?

  • Shorts or leggings.
  • Topside: Cycling jerseys, t-shirts, camis or tank tops are good choices.
  • Our bikes work with both sneakers and spin shoes.
  • Waterbottle (filled with your favorite hydration drink)

Are CycleLife classes safe?

CycleLife classes are designed to be safe.  We follow every best practice protocol in the fitness business and all staff are CPR trained.  However, we always recommend that you consult your physician for guidance on an exercise program that is safe for you.

We're Hunting For The Best Indoor Cycling Instructors!!

We are always looking for energetic coaches that are as passionate about Cycling as we are!!

Interested in becoming a Cycle Life Studio coach? Apply Now!

All team members will be empowered to contribute to the growth of Cycle Life Studio by helping to fill their classes and promoting our brand via social media outlets and word of mouth. Our aggressive incentive based pay schedule allows our coaches substantial opportunity for income growth. The harder you work, the more people you draw into your classes, the more money you make!

Qualified applicants should submit their resume, cover letter, and social media handles for consideration.

We look forward to meeting you!

Interested in joining our team?

Email cover letter & resume to[email protected]

Fitness Center Rebates Through Your Insurance Provider

Many insurance companies offer a rebate for membership at gyms and fitness centers. Each insurance company differs (and even each plan offered by a single insurance company differs) in terms of what reimbursements are allowed.  

For example, some require a minimum 4-month long "membership contract" while another may reimburse class fees for classes actually taken. 

Check with your insurance company and check your policy...then please LET US KNOW the requirements and that you are seeking reimbursement. 


Reservations and Cancellations

Spaces may be reserved 1 week in advance. Cancellations will be accepted without penalty if made at least 12 hours before the scheduled ride during the week, 24 hours notice must be given for weekend classes, special events, or any strength classes . To cancel a reservation, go the schedule and log-in at the top of the page, find your reservation and click cancel. If you do not cancel by the deadline or do not show up for class, your account will be charged.


If a ride or class is full, you will be given the option to be placed on a “waitlist” and receive an email notification when a space becomes available. You will then automatically be added to that ride or class.

Once you have been accepted into a ride or class, you are required to cancel if you are not able to attend. If you do not cancel and you are a “no-show” your account will be charged for the ride or class.

Walk-in & Reservation Release Policy

Drop-ins are welcome. If there are spots available, you may pay for a drop-in ride or class. We accept Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX.

If you reserve in advance, you must still arrive to class on time. Empty bikes/CompuTrainers will be released to drop-ins at the start of each class.

Purchasing Rides and Classes and Account Set-up

We utilize an online purchasing and scheduling program. This convenient system allows you to purchase your classes, reserve your spot in a class, check your account, review our class schedules, and more.

Training Series, ride packages and class packages are non-refundable.

*WHITMAN ONLY* Indoor Cycle class credits are interchangeable with TRX class credits. That means that if you have a 10 pack for Indoor Cycle and decide you want to try TRX, you can use some of those credits (and vice versa). CompuTrainer class credits may only be used for CompuTrainer classes. 

Family packages are transferable between family members. So, for example, if you buy a 20 pack and you want your two teenagers and spouse to be able to use those credits, they can. If you want to set this up, we have to do it for you in the system, so just stop by the desk and we will take care of it!

No Expiration

Ride and class packages DO NOT expire, unless specified in the sale (ex. Summer Sale classes must be used in the time frame specified). 

Indoor Cycling Specifics

How do I adjust the indoor stationary bike for my body?

You can adjust CycleLife bikes to your body, fit and comfort level:

  • Raise/lower the seat
  • Raise/lower the handle bars
  • Set the distance between handle bars and seat

In every class, our instructors will gladly help you with these settings.

*WHITMAN ONLY* Computrainer Specifics

How do I set up my bike for CompuTrainer ride?

Bring your bike to class and a CycleLife coach will take care of the rest. Because it is your bike, no additional form or fit adjustments are needed. NOTE: For your safety we only allow use of proper training skewers. Ultra-lightweight rear wheel skewers will NOT work, as they don't offer adequate surface to clamp the bike securely.  If we determine your skewer will not work, skewers are available for sale next door at BikeBarn.  


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