You Added All Those Halloween Calories...Now Subtract Them

You promised yourself. This was the year you wouldn’t buy too much candy. Or you wouldn’t buy candy you liked. Or you’d buck the system and give out (gulp) healthy treats. But, c’mon, even as you made those promises, deep inside you knew better. Even though you’ve only had a dozen trick-or-treaters for three straight years, you got that extra bag “just in case”. And, if you’re being honest, there is no candy you don’t like, just candy that you wolf down, inhale, and devour. That bit about handing out healthy treats? Idealism is nice, Dr Oz, but you’ve never looked into the eyes of a five-year-old and seen true loathing.

No, if you’re like most of America, you’re walking around with fun-sized wrappers stuck to your shoes and melted chocolate under your fingernails. But that’s okay, right, because they’re the little packages. Fun-sized! What’s so bad about that? Honestly, nothing. But for the sake of amusement, take out a pencil and paper and show off your remedial math skills. Here are the calorie counts for some popular Halloween candy (all sizes are fun-size or mini).

If your tastes lean to the simple, that weakness for M&M’s translates into 70 calories per bag, 90 if you favor peanuts. A plain Hershey’s bar is 60 calories. Junior Mints are 80, and Nestle’s Crunch weighs in at 170.

Maybe you’re the rare person who only eats a single piece of candy. If so, one Twizzler has 50 calories. One Hershey’s Kiss contains 22 calories, and the classic Candy Corn 28. No matter how many licks it takes, a Tootsie Pop has 60 calories, while its cousin the Tootsie Roll has 23.

Perhaps you’re not a chocoholic, and instead lean toward “fruit” flavors. Go ahead, reach for the rainbow -- a fun-sized Skittles is 60 calories. That snack-pack of Sweet Tarts is 50 calories. Jelly Belly contains 35.

But, really, we all know where most of us do our damage. Halloween royalty. Peanut butter, nuts, caramel. All of the above and extra of it. Please and thank you. A Snickers has 70 calories, but the pumpkin shaped ones have 90. A single Reese's Peanut Butter cup is 110 calories, while the pumpkin size is 90, and Reese’s Pieces are 70. A two-piece Kit Kat also has 90. Butterfinger comes in at 85, unless it’s the Halloween twin pack, then you’re looking at 160 calories

Not too bad, right. Most come in convenient 100 calorie (or less) portions. That’s reasonable. But now look at your score sheet. All those fun-sizes add up. And God help you if you’re the neighbor who hands out full-size. None of this is meant to make you feel bad. We all indulge and we all promise ourselves that we’re going to start that oatmeal and kale diet ASAP. And that is a good idea. But so is balancing out the math. If you’re adding extra calories, start subtracting some. The quickest way to do that is exercise. One indoor cycle class burns up to 500 calories. More if you push yourself. So, yes, promise yourself you’ll give out raisins next year. But until then, stop in for a class and start that subtraction.             

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