Kick Up Your Heart Rate & Improve Your Love Life

Valentine’s Day creates a lot of pressure to show the love. Of course, if you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, Lifetime movies and Hallmark commercials then you already know that romance is easy. There’s a simple formula:

Flowers + chocolate + card = Love

For the more adventurous, there are variables that can be added to spice things up—soft music, raw oysters, scented candles, Spanish Fly. But before you download Slow Jams, order a dozen long stem roses, and mix up some Funky Cold Medina, consider this: good love (and lovin’) might be as easy as riding a bike. Research shows that regular exercise has a positive effect on sex, love, and relationships.

Feel Good About Yourself. Be Attractive to Others. One reason people exercise is to look better. By losing weight, building muscle and toning up, we believe we’ll become more attractive to others. While that may be true, a key in the connection between exercise and attraction is self-image. Studies show that people who exercise regularly feel better about themselves. Working out releases endorphins that improve your mood and create a sense of well-being. That can mean all kinds of benefits in your love life.

For singles, just feeling good about yourself can lend an air of confidence that others will notice. It may also give you the actual confidence to approach that cute stranger and strike up a conversation. If you’re in a relationship, feeling good about yourself and your body will also make you feel more desirable, making you more likely to want, and seek out, physical affection.

Pedal More. Fight Less. Think about all the tiffs you get into with your significant other. How many of them start over something small? He left his towel on the floor again. She watched “The Walking Dead” without you. One reason we start to sweat the small stuff is stress. After a poor night of sleep, a long day at work, and the kids going crazy, it doesn’t take much to set you off. One innocent but poorly timed joke can spark a fight. for the ages 

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, which can help keep the peace at home. Working through your anxiety on the bike can result in more enjoyable time with your partner. You might even consider taking that ride on a bicycle built for two. While some people prefer to workout solo, studies show that couples who workout together enjoy a closeness that other couples don’t.

Sweating is hot. Sexy hot. And not just because you feel more desirable and thus more willing to get physical (there had to be an Olivia Newton John reference, right?). Science says that regular exercise will improve your sex life. One study showed that women who engaged in vigorous exercise were more sexually responsive. Another showed that a man’s testosterone level spikes after an intense workout, leading to increased sex drive. Furthermore, the increased blood flow that accompanies a workout can have the added effect of producing more enjoyable sex and stronger orgasms.

Whether you’re single and looking for that special someone or have been married twenty years and hoping to remain married twenty more, the way to your partner's heart may be to get it pumping.             

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