Bars, Bars, and CORE Bars!

Is it me, or is the pre-packaged “bar” aisle taking over Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and every other grocery store in the U.S.? The registered dietitian in me goes “sigh….. another one lost to preparing fresh, whole food snacks.”  And then the mom-athlete-nutritionist-director-business owner-too busy for anything woman goes YIPPEE! Finally we have an aisle with some bars that use real ingredients, ones we can pronounce, put in our gym bag, and feel comfortable eating from time to time.

Here is a decent list to start with for bars that we, at The Core Diet, feel good about recommending to our athletes.  These bars are “Core Diet Approved” and are great for in between workouts or during the day when not working out.  Although  some of these could be a good pre-workout fuel!

Every year the Core Diet Nutritionists do a “sweep” of the aisles. Right now we are looking at our current bar recommendations to make sure they haven’t changed nutrition profiles, and also looking at the newbies that are arriving on the shelves.  So please keep this in mind when reading our list.  If you have a bar you want us to check out, let us know! Or if you have concerns about a bar on this list, let us know! We would love to hear from you!

Oh and I forgot to mention one rule. Regardless of how healthy your bar is, a bar is still a “convenience food”.  Keep Core bar intakes to once per day as needed.  This does not include any bars you might use for pre-workout fueling or during workouts.

Here we go:

Rx Real Food Bar 

Oatmega Bar 

Perfect Bar 

Krave Bar

Epic Bar

Lara Bar

Chia Bar

Elevate Me

The Gluten Free Bar (GFB)

Clif Kit’s Organic bar

NoGii bar

Bear Naked Bar

Bearded Brothers

Bounce Protein Ball 

Anything to add?

~ jaime

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