McKenzie Algaier

Core, Meditation, Stretch Instructor


McKenzie is an energetic, music-loving athlete ready to bring spirit to her classes. Although she's a Pittsburgh native, she's spent the last year abroad beginning to learn more about what excites her and motivates her alongside fitness. Her interests spread wide so now she is studying personal training while working to save and go back to school for a degree in international studies.

Following a car accident in 2021, McKenzie began playing with a soccer club in Cape Town, South Africa. She's not typically a runner but really started falling back in love with the adrenaline and exercise once she joined; training with the club and at the gym nearly every day of the week! However, some of the undiagnosed pain from the accident began to inhibit her ability to be active and forced her to evaluate her options. This time brought light to how important movement was and continues to be for her mental and emotional health beyond the physical benefits.

As she was uncertain of the medical systems abroad and interested in creating meaningful change into her own habits, she identified her need to strengthen muscles that would alleviate pain as a first step. She started to train with core and back at the focus of each workout, supporting this with research and the breathwork she practiced in/out of the gym. The third step was incorporating mindfulness and meditation. Hot yoga and deep stretching enlightened her to the power of slow, focused movement for recovery and range of motion. Balancing these skills and eating in a way that aligns with her body has given her a breath of fresh air to how she takes care of herself and how she orients herself to help others take care of themselves.

In her classes you can expect to feel respected, cared for, and best - empowered. She integrates highly active, moderate, slow, and even static movement within each class to create a crescendo of energy until the end. Breathwork and mindfulness remain key to her practices and thus are integral to time in the studio. Don't be fooled by how small she is, you'll forget that she just touches 5ft when she's leading class and pushing you to reach your personal best!


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