Brandon Baroni

TRX / Strength Coach / Personal Trainer


Brandon had worked as a certified personal trainer (CPT) for about four years where he has had the opportunity to work with those of all fitness levels - those just starting their fitness journey, high school athletes seeking collegiate athletic careers, as well as athletes who ended up making it to the professional level.
Brandon’s favorite quote is: “We are all capable of more than we think are.” One of Brandon’s favorite stories to tell from his time as a CPT is when he worked on his own flexibility every day until he could do a split just to show one of his athletes that while it may take time and effort, we are all capable of doing something we may think we can’t.
When not at Cycle Life, Brandon enjoys spending his time at the gym lifting weights, pursuing photography and videography with his business Baroni Productions, hanging out with his family, and working with others along their own fitness and athletic journeys


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