CycleLife's Frequent Rider Rewards Program!


Hello everyone, we are really excited to be part of Perkville.


What is Perkville? 

Perkville is our new online reward system. It is like a frequent flier program – a Frequent Rider Rewards Program (for Indoor Cycle, CompuTrainer, Bootcamps, Winter Training Series and TRX). Only better. You earn points each time you ride, take a class, attend a bootcamp session, attend a winter training series session, or do a TRX workout.  You can also earn bonus points for meeting certain challenges, referring friends, posting about CycleLife on Facebook. Perkville keeps track of your rides and classes and your points.  It is integrated with CycleLife’s point of sale and back office systems to keep things simple for you. You now can earn points for attending class, referring a friend, or posting about us on Facebook. It’s a fun and easy way to earn free classes, gift cards, merchandise, and other cool stuff.


How do I get started?

Create an account at NOTE: Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at our studio. You will earn 50 bonus points just for creating your Perkville account.


How much does Perkville cost?     

It's free for all our riders!


How will I know when I've earned points? 

When you come to CycleLife, our system will inform Perkville of when you’ve earned points. You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points.  You can also easily track your points on Perkville’s website for earnings from things such as Facebook posts and referrals.


What do I say when I post to Facebook? 

Share your successes! Tell your friends what you love about indoor cycling and the results you are getting! You will earn points for Facebook posts. NOTE:  Posting to Facebook must be done through the Perkville website, not from your Facebook page.


When will I be awarded points when I refer a friend to CycleLife on Perkville?  

Once you’ve sent a referral email to your friend through Perkville, your friend visits our studio and earns points for taking a class. Then you’ll receive your points.


How can I convince my friends to ride with me? makes it easy to refer your friends. Let them know what classes you attend, so you can go together. And mention our introductory rider package!


Simply create an account at Perkville's website and let the Perks begin.



New Rider Intro Option:

First Class Free


3-Pack for $25!

Valid for any Indoor Cycling, TRX, or CompuTrainer classes.
* First time visitors only.