Stacy Sowers

Cycling Instructor & Assistant Manager


Stacy brings to Cycle Life a long history of competitive swimming, road running, trail running, and triathlons. Starting out at an early age, Stacy began swimming in Hubbard for the high school team and ran cross country and track. The idea of triathlon was new in the mid 80's, but having two disciplines already, Stacy decided to give triathlons a try. He completed his first triathlon in 1984 and has been doing them ever since. He has completed two full Ironman races, 12 half Ironman races, and too many Olympic and Sprint triathlons to count. He also competes in local road races, trail races, and even a 10K open water swim with Amy!

Stacy has worked for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities for over 30 years and is currently the Head Coach for the Canfield High School boys and girls teams. Stacy will bring a good workout and some classic music mixed in with some new beats to give you a fun and challenging workout.


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