3 Ways to Help You Workout Today Instead of "Tomorrow"

Maybe it’s the season. The days are shorter and night comes earlier; the temperatures are colder and a warm blanket sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening. Or maybe it’s the holidays. There are gifts to buy and decorations to hang; there are parties to attend and family to visit. Whatever the reasons, we’ve hit that time of year when there are a hundred reasons not to workout. Which is fine, except that every time you skip a workout in favor of curling up on the couch, you feel pretty awful and swear you’ll make up for it tomorrow. Until tomorrow comes and another convenient excuse presents itself (A wine tasting! A cheese sampling! A “Dawson’s Creek” marathon on TBS!). Here are three tips to help you keep that date with your bike.

Workout in the morning: For many, there’s at least one reason to dread morning workouts—it’s morning—but there are also many reasons to embrace them. By penciling your workout in first thing in the morning, you’ll decrease the chance of something else popping up and bumping it from your schedule. It’ll be over and done with early, before the daily grind wears you down to the point that any physical activity seems impossible. Plus, research shows that exercise helps increase focus for up to ten hours after working out, and improves mood and energy levels, all of which could add up to a more productive you during the day. To accommodate our early riders, we’ve added more morning classes for the winter. Give one a try.

Buddy Up: We don’t condone the kind of peer pressure that results in unfortunate haircuts or regrettable tattoos, but there’s something to be said for having a workout buddy who’ll keep you honest. A little good-natured harassment and browbeating from your best friend might be what you need to make sure you get to class. You’re less likely to skip a workout if you have to answer to somebody else. Having a friend who’ll support you and hold you accountable will help both of you stick to your fitness goals. If you want to introduce a friend to Cycle Life, our Bring a Friend program is a great way for both of you to get in shape and save money.

Book it Now: It’s easy to skip a workout if you haven’t actually committed to it. You know how it goes. You start the morning hell bent on burning some serious calories that night...and just might get the black bean burger at lunch. By midday, you’re pretty tired and hoping to go and work off the real burger you actually ordered. And by five your only concern is how quickly you can get into your flannel pajamas and browse Netflix. Instead of letting the hours before your workout dictate whether you actually workout, try signing up for class right away, while you’re motivated. You’ll be less likely to blow off your workout if you’ve already booked it and set aside the time. Plus, you’ll ensure you have spot. As we head into the winter, our classes are filling up quicker. Don’t let a full class be yet another reason to skip your workout!

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