Getting the Most Out of Fall Cycling!

Enjoy some of our top tips on how to get the most out of what the fall has to offer for cyclists in the Northeast!

  1. Take a break - most cyclists if they are roadies, have been hammering away since the end of March. Early to mid September is a great time to evaluate what the remainder of the season looks like. Do you race Cyclocross? Are you doing any other races in late Fall? If the answer is NO, then it might be best to take a true off-season right away. If the answer is YES to Cyclocross or other races/fondo's then look to take one week away from structured workouts. Still be on the bike, but reduce the stress by removing scripted intervals and just simply go out and ride. Then get back into it for the Fall season (via periodized training) and get the most out of your racing. Once the Fall season is over though, be prepared to take your off-season so that your body has a chance to recover and restore itself from everything you have put it through!

  1. Break out the knobby tires - Put the road bike in the garage or on the trainer and get the Cross or Mountain bike ready to go. Fall is a great time to leave the road behind and enjoy the scenery via dirt, gravel and grassy loops. If you are in the Northeast or in an area where Fall brings all the colors out in the trees, it's a can't miss time to be out on the roads and trails. It just so happens that the Kangamangas Highway in New Hampshire is rated one of the most scenic roads for cyclists to ride on every year. If you are within a couple hours drive, don't pass up the opportunity to experience it!

  1. Get a headlight (and tail light) - Summers end and Falls beginning means that daylight begins to be a precious commodity. Extend your ability to ride by getting a really good headlight and tail light, and reflective clothing for that matter. These essentials along with proper apparel can make riding in the early morning and evenings a really. There is something about being out on the road at 5am in the pitch dark with no on around you that is so very peaceful.

  1. Practice/Race and Spectate Cyclocross - It was mentioned above, but really even if you want to step away from the racing, go out and have a blast by spectating one of these. Beer, bikes, mud and much more...its a can't miss event.

  1. Get your indoor trainer setup ready…Winter is Coming - With training volumes lessened, take the time to get your indoor setup dialed in. If you're not on ZWIFT yet, think about jumping on that wave. Is a smart trainer right for you? Do you absolutely hate the trainer no matter what?             
  2. GET FAT, a fatbike option to handle the cold and snowy conditions could be a worthy investment. It's one of those bikes that is not totally a necessity to own, but when there is a time for them like in the dead of winter when you've been riding inside for weeks on can become the best thing in your garage. For those of you who want to keep the competitive juices flowing, there is a Fat Bike race up Mt. Washington in NH each winter. It's a killer ride and one that can only been done via this race as the auto road is otherwise closed to all traffic during the snowy months. Check it out --> SKI, SHOE AND FATBIKE TO THE CLOUDS

~~Matt Curbeau - The Cycling Formula Operations Director

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