Megan Chess

Cycling Instructor


Who is Megan and what people can expect from her classes?

Megan graduated from Hickory High School and was born and raised in the Shenango Valley. She also graduated with her bachelor’s from Penn State Shenango in Sharon, PA in 2018. She recently successfully completed her master’s in accounting through Clarion University as well and is pursuing her career as an accountant at a local firm. Megan was a basketball and softball athlete throughout her life and really enjoys working out and especially cycling to stay fit. It is a great stress management tool for her and helps keep herself healthy and involved in the community. 

What people can expect in Megan's classes.

In Megan’s classes you should expect lots of HILLS. Megan teaches the beginner classes as well as other cycle and tone classes. She is hoping to continue to teach the beginner class since she really enjoys welcoming and bringing new clients into our doors and making them feel at home. Megan also teaches a booty burn class -  more lower body toning classes that focus on your booty and core. 

Megan’s Motivation.

“I like to be motivated by everyone who walks in the door for my class. Younger, older, new to fitness, or returning fitness cyclists motivate me to make sure everyone enjoys their ride and leaves feeling good and sweaty.”

What Megan does outside of the studio.

 Megan enjoys walking and running around with her two, beautiful black lab dogs named Danielle and Minnie. She works out in her home gym outside of her cycling workouts and enjoys lifting weights. She is also very busy studying for her CPA (certified public accounting) exams. Wish her luck with passing them all this year, 2022.

Megan’s Favorite Quote.

 “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.”

Megan’s IG:.



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