Leah Beckert

Barre Instructor


Who is Leah, and what can people expect from her class.

Leah is a dancer who believes in strong core strength. Growing up Leah has studied dance for 12 years. From going to a performing arts high school to being in professional ballets and shows.

Leah is determined to bring grace, strength and flexibility into her barre class. In this class you will learn the basics of barre and correct alignment. Barre compliments cycling very well by working on lots of core work and on smaller intrinsic muscles, which both support larger muscles such as the quads and hamstrings. Barre and cycling go hand in hand. You will be stronger and feel stronger when taking your cycling classes!

Leah’s barre class will teach you core strength, muscle strength and flexibility. This class will take you back to the basics of alignment and presentation. Being at the barre you will also work on balance and ballet technique will be incorporated into the class. Not to worry! This class will keep you wide awake with upbeat movement, reps, and fun music! With this class a smile will never leave your face!​

 What Leah wants to say to everyone who walks through her class door.

"I want to make people feel stronger and feel good about themselves. I plan to make my class a judgement free happy place for people to come and work on themselves. I want everyone to feel like they’re welcome and doing a good job. Barre is not something that you’re going to perfect in 1 class. I want to turn that motivation to be perfect, into passion and dedication. I want people to walk out of my class and say, 'wow that was hard, but I had so much fun doing it!'”

 How Leah motivates.

"I motivate by encouraging words and giving individual corrections. I believe that individual work even in a group setting, focuses on each person and makes them feel seen and motivated to be the best they can be!"

 What Leah does when she is not dancing.

"When I’m not teaching barre or dancing I love to be around friends and family. Whether its going somewhere, playing board games or just hanging out, I love to be around people!"

Leah's favorite quote.

“Don’t sabotage your training and development for the vanity of being in an advanced class. Remember that every great dancer was once a beginner.” – Bill Waldinger, Joffrey Ballet School."

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