"JJ" Vaughn Gobel

Cycling Instructor


Who is JJ and what people can expect from JJ’s class!

JJ is from the Youngstown, Ohio area and has been competing in triathlons and marathons since 2015. With a passion for running that dates back to middle school, JJ has developed a new passion for cycling since competing in numerous triathlon races. JJ comes to Cycle Life with the experience of successfully completing 4 Ironman distance triathlons as well as 6 Marathons.

What you can expect from taking JJ’s class is a cycling specific workout. JJ’s classes will focus on basic cycling fundamentals that will translate into any form of outdoor cycling whether you’re a leisure trail cyclist or dedicated road cyclist. JJ’s classes will build leg durability and power output on the bike to create efficient cycling. Building strength on the bike is primary focus in JJ’s classes but the benefits of this strength work can translate over into running, making this class perfect cross-training class for runners as well!

What JJ wants to say to everyone who walks through his class door!

“Come ready to work, have fun, and become stronger on the bike and in life in general. Think of this class as your way to strengthen your body in all aspects of life. Maybe you are a healthcare worker, like myself, who spends long hours on their feet running around a hospital. Maybe you’re at a desk all day and need to maximize your movement outside of the office and use that stored energy to improve health and reach goals outside of the office. Think of this class as a way for you to armor your legs and body to get you through the long hours on your feet or burn off stored energy spent at your desk. Take the work done in this class and apply it to your everyday life regardless of occupation. You don’t have to become an avid road cyclist to take this class, just know that you will gain the confidence to do so and learn the science behind efficient and enjoyable cycling and overall fitness.”

How JJ motivates!

“What are your goals? What is your why? Ask yourself these questions whenever you don’t feel motivated. I think of my family, nieces, nephews, future children, all of the important people I want to be there for in any important times in life, maintaining health and strength is key. Everyone has a different “why” maybe it’s not related to family and that’s ok! Use whatever it is to become the best you possible! Use the Cycle Life community to your advantage, we are all rooting for you!”

What JJ does when he is not on the bike!

“If I am not at the studio cycling, I work full time as a medical laboratory technician performing all kinds of diagnostic testing for patients. I have 4 fur children at home, 3 cats (Milo, Oscar and Rosie) and a dog (Piper) they keep things lively when we are home! I also spend a lot of time training for my next race, where I try to set a time goal or just show improvement in a discipline. I’m always trying to push my boundaries and discover what I am capable of. I’m a big marvel (ironman is my favorite super hero) and Disney fan. I find balance between working out and my career by spending time with my family, nieces and nephews.”


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