Delaney Javens

Cycling Instructor


Who is Delaney and what people can expect from Delaney's class.

Delaney is a Hickory High School and University of Akron graduate, was a competitive swimmer from a young age, and has now grown to enjoy indoor cycling as a physical activity. She enjoys staying active not only for the benefits to both her physical and mental health, but also for social interaction and to aid in the management of her type 1 diabetes diagnosis as well! When she is not in the studio, she is working as a registered dietitian with LIFE Beaver.

In Delaney’s class, you can feel comfortable in knowing that each and every one of us, no matter what season of life we all may be in, are working together to do something positive for ourselves for those 45 minutes to 1 hour of class time regardless of what adversity is facing us outside of the studio doors. You can expect a friendly face, outgoing personality, a workout modifiable to suit all fitness levels, and the newest upbeat and vibe-y tunes during her Cycle and Tone classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings!

What Delaney wants to say to everyone who walks through her class door.

"Welcome the rain storms life may bring and use them to blossom; to grow. Adversity, while difficult, has the potential to make each and every one of us better.  The choice is yours. It may even give us a new sense of purpose. Keep on pushing; keep on evolving .Most of us can agree that life comes with its fair share of challenges. While we can’t always control what happens to us, we can absolutely control how we react to the not-so-great things life may bring. I have come to live by the saying “grow through what you go through” as I was diagnosed with a chronic disease, type 1 diabetes, at the young age of 5 years-old.

While living with a chronic disease has come with its fair share of hardship and frustration at times, I have chosen to embrace the positives again and again and have found a voice to advocate for myself and others effected by type 1 diabetes. This has lead me to my professional career as a registered dietitian. I use it to create an atmosphere of understanding with some of my patients and hope to inspire those who attend my class who face similar challeges." 

How does Delaney motivate?

"I focus on the power of the group as a whole to motivate each other during class. I welcome every rider to bring a friend or family member to class and encourage the group to feed off of each other – whether that means motivating one another through positive words of encouragement or through pure enjoyment gained from friendly conversation or the hype music on each workout’s playlist. Through this, I create a welcoming environment conducive for all."

What does Delaney do when she is not at the studio?

"You can find me preaching the “power of nutrition” while working as a registered dietitian with my job. After all, food really is medicine in its purest form! Outside of work, I enjoy kayaking, cooking, developing educational nutrition content to share with my followers on my professional IG page, spending time with beloved friends and family, taking car rides to Starbucks with my dog Jasper for a “puppachino” treat, spreading awareness about type 1 diabetes, and reveling in my faith." 

My favorite quote.

“Grow through what you go through.” 

Delaney's professional IG page

What music to expect from Delaney's class


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