Peak Performance Training Phases

Phase: 2 Training Runs from Jan 2nd thru Mar 12th!

Our Peak Performance Training Phases are designed to get you real, measurable results. Each Series within a Peak Performance Training Phase is a  planned and structured, multi-faceted program that builds upon itself weekly. Collectively, our Peak Performance Training Phases will bring you into spring stronger, faster, and a better cyclist and will keep you in top shape all year round.

Phase 2 Indoor Power TrainingPHASE 1
BASE /Aerobic Foundation

Begins Nov. 7th
A solid aerobic foundation is the keystone to success in any training program. Phase 1 will increase your aerobic capacity through focused, purposeful interval training. It will also train you to be more efficient through use of proper pedal stroke, body position, and breathing technique.  All other phases are built upon this keystone phase.

Series Included: >Aerobic Capacity, >Form & Technique

Augment Classes/Rides: >Saturday Hill Climb Series, >Core Strength Training, Swim Clinic, Run Clinic. Contact us for details on clinics.

BUILD / Increase Muscle

Begins January 2nd
Called the "build" phase, Phase 2 builds the essential framework for all cycling disciplines. Here we focus on muscle development, core strength, and improving your overall recovery time. Intensity builds steadily and carefully with emphasis on power enhancement and intervals of increasing duration. This phase is not only beneficial but also absolutely essential for all cycling disciplines.

Series Included: >Strength & Power "Muscle Builder", >Endurance Booster, >Drills for Hills, & the optional >FTP-Base Fitness Test

Augment Classes/Rides: >Saturday Hill Climb Series #2, Swim Clinic, Run Clinic. Contact us for details on clinics.

PEAK / Event Specificity

Begins March 13th
In Phase 3 we introduce the principle of "specificity" by ensuring that your key workouts become increasingly like the races or events you plan to participate in. For example, if you are a triathlete you will need more steady endurance workouts. If you’re training for cyclo-cross you'll need more anaerobic intensity workouts. If you're a long gravel grinder with insane amounts of climbing you’ll need workouts with sustained power output.

Series Included: Speed Builder, Power Endurance, Hilly Hillacious         

Augment Classes/Rides: Swim Clinic, Run Clinic, pace line skills, Mtn bike basics, CLS group ride, Muffin Ride. Contact us for details on clinics.

MAINTAIN / Hold On To Gains

Begins April 24th
In Phase 4 we actually complete the training cycle.  Having worked diligently to gain a new level of performance now is the time to hold on to it. Don’t let your fitness slip away, especially in between your peak events. Keeping a few hard event-specific training sessions included in this peak maintenance phase is essential to keeping you on top of your game.

Series Included: Speed Builder, Power Endurance, Hilly Hillacious, Endurance Booster

Augment Classes/Rides: Swim Clinic, Run Clinic, pace line skills, Mtn bike basics, CLS group ride, Muffin Ride. Contact us for details on clinics.

Flexible Class Times:
Within each phase, we have structured the series sign-up to allow for flexible class times to suit your work and life schedule.  Here’s how it works:

Starting Nov. 7th, Peak Performance Training Phase: Phase 1 will begin with the Aerobic Capacity "Base Builder" class and meet twice a week. We have also added a new class, “Form and Technique” which will focus on developing rider efficiency. This class will offer one workout per week.

- Mondays & Tuesdays will offer workout 1. 
- Wednesdays & Thursdays will offer workout 2.
- Friday & Saturday we will split the class and offer both workout 1 & 2 depending on the needs of those signed up.

Flexible Sign Ups:
Sign up for class time(s) that works for you. To
guarantee your preferred class time(s), sign up here or use the CycleLife App to make a recurring reservation. If you need to modify a reservation, you can always do so 12-hours in advance and then enroll in another class time that has an opening that week. Any CompuTrainer ride credits you currently have may be used towards any series/class within a Peak Performance Training Phase. If you need credits. (click here to buy).  Once you have the ride credits in your account, simply enroll in your preferred series/class times.

For those new to Peak Performance Training we will start by establishing your threshold level. Then throughout the series we will focus building a solid aerobic base, developing proper form and technique, building muscle strength, endurance and explosive power by spending quality time on sub-threshold, threshold, anaerobic capacity, VO2, and anaerobic endurance intervals. Our coaches will work with the group and with you individually to help you get the most out of this series.  Sign up for Peak Performance Training and get ready to be FAST for spring!

If you are new to using a CompuTrainer you will need a rear training skewer that looks like the one below. Please have one of these installed on your bike when you arrive for your class. If you do not have one they are available next door at Bikebarn.


Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know to get started.

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