Fitness Center Rebates



through your Insurance Provider


Many insurance companies offer a rebate for membership at gyms and fitness centers.  Each insurance company differs (and even each plan offered by a single insurance company differs) in terms of what reimbursements are allowed.  For example, some require a minimum 4-month long "membership contract" while another may reimburse class fees for classes actually taken. Because each plan is different, we will work with YOU INDIVIDUALLY to create whatever "membership" you need in order to be reimbursed.  For example, many plans will reimburse the $99 unlimited monthly membership, but they may require a longer minimum term commitment than we currently require. We can change those terms for you in order to help you meet the qualifications for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company and check your policy...then please LET US KNOW the requirements and that you are seeking reimbursement. Here are a couple of the major insurers covering the New England area.




Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA




New Rider Intro Option:

First Class Free


3-Pack for $25!

Valid for any Indoor Cycling, TRX, or CompuTrainer classes.
* First time visitors only.