Fitness Coaching and Personal Training

We all know in a general way we need to “exercise more” and “eat healthy.” But today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle, and our computer-driven, sedentary office jobs can make it hard to fit in a regular exercise routine – or even know where or how to begin! That is where a CycleLife Studio Fitness and Wellness Coach can help. A CycleLife Coach will guide you in a systematic and supportive way to identify your baseline fitness level and establish your personal fitness and wellness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, find a way to make working out fun (so you’ll stick with it), or take your workout and strength to the next level, we have a coaching program designed to suit your needs and your budget.

How We Coach

Fitness and Wellness Coaching provides a structured and supportive way to move you toward your personal goals with built-in teaching, guidance and monitoring to:

1)     Assess your current fitness level;
2)     Establish meaningful goals personal to you;
3)     Teach fundamentals across the board;
4)     Plan targeted, effective weekly workouts;
5)     Track benchmarks and identify improvements along the way
6)     Adjust the workout routine as your fitness improves;
7)     Motive and encourage you;
8)     Answer your questions;
9)     Provide structured support; and
10)    Deliver results.

We use the latest technology, including Final Surge™ software to track your progress and measure your results.

Fitness Coaching and Personal Training on Boston's South Shore

Assess – Analyze – Apply – Adjust

Working closely with your coach, you will move through the stages of performance improvement as your coach first assesses your fitness, analyzes the results with your goal in mind, implements a training plan and workout schedule with you, and adjusts the training plan as you improve, starting the cycle over again.

Why Have a Coach?

Sometimes we all need a person that can encourage, understand, and still hold us accountable in a supportive way. For some of us, we just need that little boost to get going or keep going. For others of us, we know that the only way we will do what we need to for our health is if we are reporting to someone or meeting with someone regularly. For some of us, the social interaction is the key motivator for good fitness and health – we won’t do it alone and by ourselves. This is where a coach comes in. We all need accountability. The planning, goal-setting and interaction with a professional coach provides the guidance, structure, accountability and performance evaluation you need to succeed. We are confident we can help you reach your goals.

What Differentiates CycleLife?

We believe in balance. Our goal is to create an environment that supports each client’s optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

We do not follow the one-plan-fits all philosophy or approach. We believe in customized coaching tailored to each client’s needs and areas for development. We coach the full spectrum of clients: from the brand new beginner who needs individualized attention to the more experienced client who wants to fine tune a wellness plan and is seeking some accountability.

Our coaching plans are tailored to your needs and budget. Your monthly fee earns you much more interaction and guidance with a coach than paying for a per-hour personal training session – although those are included in some of our plans if that is what you want and need.

All of our coached clients have access to our state-of-the-art training facility and receive a discount for use of the studio facilities. Your coach can recommend a variety of work out routines and meet you in the studio to complete your training session at a time that works for you.

We have the proven methodology that gets people results. See our Testimonials.

Personal Training Services Available:

You can order these services at any time as stand-alone services or in conjunction with one of our tiered coaching plans outlined below.

45-minute Personal Training Sessions with Coach
  -Single Session: $50 
  -3-Pack: $140 
  -5-Pack: $225

Contact a Cycle Life Studio coach or employee for further info.

Tiered Fitness Coaching Plans

Plans Include



Coaching Plan Commitment  8 Week Minimum 12 Week Minimum 
Fee $35per week

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$55 per week

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Weekly Customized Workout Routines
Final Surge™ Training Account
Fitness data analysis
Historical Fitness Review --
Interactive Data Analysis w/ Coach --
Monthly Measurements & Weigh Ins --
Delivery of Plan "Blocks" 4 Week
1-4 Week
Monthly Client Initiated Contact

Email / Text Updates

Phone Consult




Monthly Private, Training Sessions with Coach -- 2
 Discount TRX/Strength and/or Indoor Cycle Sessions at CycleLife Studio (cannot be combined with other discounts)  5% 10%
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