Team SSHS:

Training at Cycle Life Studio

At Cycle Life Studio we are dedicated to improving the fitness and performance of all our athletes.  Come train with us as we prepare to tackle the Pan Mass Challenge.  We'll share our experience and knowledge at overcoming the unique challenges the ride presents and provide motivation & inspiration along the way. Many of our  cyclists have already been riding in the PMC and will likely be training right beside you in any given class!  Together we will all become stronger and faster!!

To Really Train for success on the Pan Mass Challenge...

You Need to Start Really Increasing Your Hours on the Bike.

How Can You Most Efficiently Do This?

PMC Team SSHS LogoStep 1.
Sign Up each week for at least two CompuTrainer classes. 

ANY of our Computrainer classes will benefit you!!  We currently offer classes in SPEED, POWER-ENDURANCE, and HILLS as well VIDEO RIDES & REAL COURSE RIDES.

> Click Here to See SPEED Schedule

> Click Here to See POWER-ENDURANCE Schedule

> Click Here to See HILL Schedule

Step 2.
Join us each week as we ride one section of the Pan Mass Challenge course profile for approximately 75-90 min. *Note: We will be adding more class days & times to schedule soon.

> Sign Up for B2VT Course Profile: 1 The Primer
> Sign Up for B2VT Course Profile: 2 Leviathan
> Sign Up for B2VT Course Profile: 3 The Petro
> Sign Up for B2VT Course Profile: 4 The Homestretch

Step 4.
Ride the Video Hill Climb on Saturday or Sunday. That will put you at close to 5 hours ride time a week. That's a good training regimen heading into B2VT!

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New Rider Intro Option:

First Class Free


3-Pack for $25!

Valid for any Indoor Cycling, TRX, or CompuTrainer classes.
* First time visitors only.