How do I get started?

  • Sign up to create an account.
  • Buy rides, class credits, or ride series.  Choose from a range of packages to fit your specific needs.
  • Check out our schedule and ride offerings.
  • Reserve a class at a time that works for you.
  • Go to class and HAVE FUN!


How do I sign up for a ride or a class?

Click on the Schedule link and choose a class time.  If a class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist. If a bike or CompuTrainer opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email.


How far in advance do I have to cancel a class to avoid penalty?

Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.


What happens if I fail to show up for a class I've reserved?

Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.


How will I know if I have gotten into a class from a wait list?

As soon as a bike or CompuTrainer has opened up for you, you will be automatically notified by email.  If you change your mind and do not plan to attend class, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid penalty.  Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.


What happens when I get to the studio?

Arrive early to your first ride or class and let us know it's your first visit. A Cycleife Studio staff member give you an orientation to get you ready, set you up with a good fit on your bike, and answer any questions you may have. 



How often do I need to take classes or ride to see results?

We recommend 3 rides or classes per week. You will see results with one or two rides or classes a week, but you'll see and feel maximum results if you can ride three times.


How do I know if I'm improving?

Oh, you’ll know. Our coaches and instructors will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.


Are Indoor Cycle and CompuTrainer credits interchangeable?

No. You have to purchase separate credits for Indoor Cycling rides and CompuTrainer rides.


Do my credits expire?

Yes. Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.


Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend?

Yes! Just ask about it in the studio. You can purchase rides or classes, as well as specific dollar amounts as gifts.


Can I give some of my credits to a friend?

No. Credits are not transferrable. Our Policy and Procedures page explains what you need to know.


Can I take a class if I am pregnant?

Please consult your physician ahead of time.  Under normal, healthy pregnancy conditions, exercise is safe and recommended for healthy mommies and babies.


How do I adjust the indoor stationary bike for my body?

You can adjust CycleLife bikes to your body, fit and comfort level:

  • Raise/lower the seat
  • Raise/lower the handle bars
  • Set the distance between handle bars and seat

In every class, our instructors will gladly help you with these settings.


How do I set up my bike for CompuTrainer ride?

Bring your bike to class and a CycleLife coach will take care of the rest. Because it is your bike, no additional form or fit adjustments are needed. NOTE: For your safety we only allow use of proper training skewers. Ultra-lightweight rear wheel skewers will NOT work, as they don't offer adequate surface to clamp the bike securely.  If we determine your skewer will not work, skewers are available for sale next door at BikeBarn.  

What should I wear or bring to a CycleLife indoor cycling or CompuTraining class?

  • Backside: padded cycling shorts.  They are not required but will make your class experience much more enjoyable.
  • Topside: Cycling jerseys, t-shirts, camis or tank tops are good choices.
  • Cycling shoes
  • Waterbottle (filled with your favorite hydration drink)


Are CycleLife classes safe?

CycleLife classes are designed to be safe.  We follow every best practice protocol in the fitness business and all staff are CPR trained.  However, we always recommend that you consult your physician for guidance on an exercise program that is safe for you.





New Rider Intro Option:

First Class Free


3-Pack for $25!

Valid for any Indoor Cycling, TRX, or CompuTrainer classes.
* First time visitors only.